I think whirlwind just about covers it…

My year, that is. I know, I know, it’s New Year’s Eve and for the last few weeks the internet has been abuzz with all those 2014 Best of/Worst of lists that either make you roll your eyes or make you drop whatever work-related task you’re doing and scroll through with mild interest for five minutes. But…

I wanted to take a minute to just reflect on the crazy/wonderful year I’ve had. Top Reason? I fulfilled one of my major life goals by publishing my debut novel, Into the Night. (Check out the cover with the Gail Z. Martin quote!!)

INTO THE NIGHT cover with quote

But I also went back to school to pursue an MFA in Fiction, which has allowed me to excuse myself from the real world for a little while and surround myself with literature and other writing. 

Oh… and I finished a major rewrite in the sequel to Into the Night. It’s off to second readers now and then I’ll dive back in. I’ll have details soon for you all, but stay tuned! 

I hope you all have a happy and fun and productive New Year. I’ll catch you on the flip side. 


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