Props to Editors

This post is going to be short and sweet. I just want to give a big shout out to EDITORS. I’m just digging in on round 2 on my MS, and it’s amazing to me how much wonderful insight editors have. Having done several workshops on fiction, non-fiction and poetry, I know it’s not easy to give a writer feedback on their baby. Feelings are inevitably hurt, no matter how nice your constructive criticism is phrased. 

But editors are truly amazing people who dig through the rough edges and extraneous plot lines and help you carve out the gem of a story or a novel or a series. They help clarify when the world is muddy, and my work is so much stronger now for one editor’s help in general. 

Shameless plug for Laura Ownbey, of Red Pen Reviews, who totally rocks my MS’s socks. 

Scene on from the harbor of my favorite little island in Maine. This is the feeling of serenity I get after completing revisions from Laura. Also, I’d love to just collapse in that chair 😀

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