Appearance on Movie Reviews and More with Brian Sebastian!

Leave the Movies

Earlier this month, I had the distinct pleasure of chatting with Brian Sebastian and Anne McDaniels on their weekly podcast for Movie Reviews and More on Adrenaline Radio. The show also featured security expert (for the stars!) Dave Perez and Mary Anne from Tarot Dactyl.

We talked Into the Nightmovies, and of course, who would play Selina and James in the movie version of my book. (I wish! Quick, everyone write letters to Hollywood to make this happen!)

You can listen to the whole thing here, but my segment starts around 34:45:

*Okay, I tried to post the video, but it was too long, so click here to listen, then my segment is titled: Movie Reviews And More 2015-01-02. You can skip forward until right after the 2nd commercial break* 

This was so much fun, and I’ll be back with Brian and Anne in the next month or so, and can’t wait. Thank you for the opportunity!

Check out Movie Reviews and More’s YouTube page for more awesome celebrity interviews and radio shows.

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