Wake in Darkness Update– Delayed Pub Date

What a whirlwind of a semester. I started teaching, I’ve put together and/or participated in a few amazing events including Fall for the Book, HallowRead and the Inner Loop Reading series! With all that going on (not to mention Grad classes, to boot!) I’ve been a little lax in my blogging.

But, since it’s almost November, I need to update you, my incredible readers, about Wake in Darkness, Book 2 in the Selina Baker series. Due to some events that we’ll call a spiky, twisty, scratchy monkey wrench, the intended pub date (Nov. 3, 2015) isn’t going to happen. I don’t have a new pub date for you yet, but rest assured I’ll update you as soon as I know! 

Thank you for reading, following and commenting. It seriously means so much to me.fangs

If you haven’t read Into the Night, Book 1 in the Selina Baker series yet, snag a copy from any online retailer and dig in. Halloween is just around the corner and that’s the perfect time to sink your fangs into a good vampire story (with plenty of blood and guts to satisfy you horror fans!)

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